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Gareth Hamm

By: admin

”Gareth Hamm is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bulwark Insurance Agency Ltd. A company dedicated to providing innovative products and services that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Before becoming the CEO of Bulwark, he spent several years with Orion Insurance Brokers Ltd and Caribbean Assurance Brokers Ltd, as an Insurance Agent, where he gained extensive knowledge in the industry and distinguished himself as an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and exceptional critical thinker.

Gareth is a seasoned negotiator with experience in corporate governance and the ability to build long-lasting and sincere relationships among executives, partners, and business associates. He is highly respected among his peers and inspires confidence and trust.

As CEO of Bulwark Insurance Agency, Gareth is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, creating competitive advantage and value for its customers and shareholders. He lives by the mantra that “True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know.”

Gareth is married to Hellicia and together they have three boys – Joel, Siedu, and Alex. He is a sports enthusiast and fisherman in training who spends his time fishing when he is not in the office.”

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